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Amai Kuda is a Toronto based singer/songwriter, community activist and the mother of a young child. The name Amai Kuda means “mother to the will of the creator” in the southern African language Shona.

A popular singer within progressive political circles and the diverse women’s cultural scene in Toronto, Amai Kuda  released her first CD in the fall of 2011, the self produced album called “Sand from the Sea”.

As well as her music work Amai Kuda is a co-founder and co-coordinator of three organizations, Moyo Wa Africa, Seven Directions and R3, dedicated to the decolonization of African peoples and to indigenous solidarity respectively.

Daughter of the internationally awarded writer, Nourbese Philip, who has used her work to speak out about all kinds of injustice, Amai Kuda grew up going to demonstrations and listening to her elders passionately discuss the history and future of African peoples.

Singing in her high school choir and composing songs on guitar, Amai Kuda developed an interest in music at a early age. In what she has described as a spiritual awakening, she made the decision to focus on her skills as a singer, composer and recording artist. Blessed with a rich and soulful voice, inspired by reggae, continental African music, soul, gospel and blues music, Amai Kuda developed a repertoire of original songs which became popular with her audience.

As well as performing at community events held by No One Is Illegal, OXFAM, No More Silence, the YWCA, Mayworks and Take Back the Night, (to name a few), Amai Kuda has also been featured on CBC’s Canada Live Presents in a concert at Toronto’s Trane Studio and CBC Radio One’s Big City Small World, she has appeared at Pride, and she has opened for Kelly Evans, LAL, d’bi young, Kinny Starr, as well as Sarah Slean and Alejandra Ribera at the St Lawrence Centre.

Her first music video, All My Fine Shoes, was part of The Reel World Film Festival 2010 and in October of 2011 she launched her first CD called ‘Sand from the Sea’, an indie release which she produced herself.