Most Popular Dog Breeds In The World

dogEvery day, there is always someone who is looking for the best breed of dog to carry and have it at home. With so many races to choose from, this task can be overwhelming.

To find the right dog breed, you must research and look for certain unique characteristics that can fit perfectly with your family and your lifestyle. If you need a trustworthy guard dog or a pet that can live well with children and other animals, the following information can help you narrow your options and choose the best breed of dog for you.

What follows next is the list of the most popular dog breeds in the world. You should know that these dog breeds are popular because they can live well with families, even those who have small children.

Labrador Retriever

This beautiful specimen is one of the favorites of humans. The loyal Labrador Retriever has been one of the most popular dogs in the world for several consecutive years, particularly in the United States, it has been the most popular breed for 23 years.

At first, they were used by fishermen to help them look for fish and store them in baskets. Then, the breeders formed them to help as collectors in the activities of the hunters.

Their kindness and affable personality make them excellent for therapies, rescue, and rescue operations and pets from our homes.

German Shepherd

This robust specimen is familiar by its use in the forces of law and military operations, although they are also very loyal pets to their families. German shepherds were bred for the first time in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1899, and were recognized as a breed in 1908.

When German Shepherd Rin Tin Tin became a Hollywood star of more than 20 films, the breed achieved undoubted fame.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever was the first race in Scotland used for hunting. In 1800, the Tweedmouth Lord crossed a Yellow retriever with the now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel. Then he added the Irish setter and the hound to get the friendly breed of different shades of gold we know today.

The Golden Retriever has since become an excellent pet for families with children.


Tender and curious, dog lovers know this tenacious hunting dog for its howl similar to the sound of a trumpet instead of for its bark. Like most hunting dogs, beagles can be of 3 varieties of colors: tricolor, white and red, or lemon.

In the 1500s, English hunters used beagle equipment to hunt small prey such as foxes and rabbits. Snoopy, the dog of Charlie Brown in the comics “Peanuts”, is possibly the most famous Beagle of pop culture.


Known for their low, stout build and broad, wrinkled face, the bulldog is one of the most recognized breeds of dogs. Its name refers to the original use of the breed, the bull baiting, something like harassing the bulls since they were butchers’ dogs. They were also used in dog fights, which the English banned in 1835.

Families appreciate bulldogs for their relaxed temperament and their minimal need for grooming and exercise. The strong build of the breed and its small snout make them prone to overheating in warm climates.

Yorkshire Terrier

Today, the Yorkshire Terrier is the purse or hand dog par excellence, but its status as a lapdog was not always that way. In the 19th century in England, the Yorkies played an important working class role by hunting rats in textile factories. Then, they became a symbol of status in English high society.

They rarely weigh more than 3 kilograms (7 pounds) and are known for their long, silky, blue and light brown fur.


Athletic and alert, boxers are a precious company that loves to please. In the 19th century, the breed was used for hunting and dog fighting. During wartime, they worked as messengers, but since then they have become popular family pets.

Despite their tenderness to their human companions, they can be expert guardians when needed.


This sports race is originally from Germany, where hunters used dogs as water seekers. The style seal of the “poodle clip” fur became a symbol of wealth and status, but its original intention was to protect the joints of dogs from cold water during hunting.

There are three sizes of the breed, as well as different color variations, although the poodle is usually a solid color.


Rottweilers are happier when they are working, which may be protecting their family’s home, helping law enforcement or serving on rescue and rescue teams. Despite their muscular bodies and aggressive appearance, Rottweilers are excellent companion animals, because they are very gentle, even with children.

In addition, his instinct to protect his territory and the people who inhabit it is also remarkable.

Hot dog

Developed in Germany in 1600, sausage dogs were bred to eliminate badgers from their burrows underground. The long, sturdy and short-legged bodies of these animals, together with their safe behavior, make them excellent badger hunters.

Nowadays, its small size and its minimum requirements of exercises make them excellent companies for the home. Specimens of the breed can be standard or miniature and can have long or short hair.